My combined PR, communications and digital marketing experience span over 10 years.

I am hugely motivated by how products and brands have more impact with consumers due to the ubiquitous nature of the internet. Not only is it highly dynamic and versatile, it's also measurable and allows for instantaneous adaptation.

I consider myself to be someone with a big imagination and I'm inspired by new ideas, concepts and the ability to tap into new resources for learning.

If you are selling your products directly online, the transactional process is simple. The customer is directed to a shopping cart where multiple items can be added after which they check out and pay. This leads to a quick sale or in digital marketing terms – a conversion.

However, many businesses simply want to generate leads for their sales teams or create a bigger awareness about their brand and attract a larger customer base.

There are many customer growth and engagement strategies to achieve this – a newsletter or an e-digest, a contact form, a registration or a subscription to a series of videos or learning materials.

Whatever your preferred call-to-action, there is one thing for sure. You need eyeballs on your web pages.

Your potential customer is browsing the internet daily. That is why Google Adwords works. As Google receives gazillion search queries that are typed into Google search daily, many of those queries will relate to your business.

It’s like being a classroom teacher with kids who are putting up their hands to ask questions - an indication that they are interested in what you are teaching and want to learn more.

By tapping into Google Adwords, you can ensure that any queries which relate to your business don’t become missed opportunities. How do you do this? By paying for those search phrases also known as keywords and ensuring that your advert shows up when those keywords are typed into Google search.

If a customer finds your advert appealing enough, they will click on it and be directed to your website.

My services entail setting up highly targeted Google Adwords campaigns based on an understanding of the online marketing goals for your business and what you wish to achieve. This is the first part.

The second part is to enhance and optimize your campaign on a continuous basis. In this way, you can achieve peak performance with the amount of traffic and conversions that you receive.

In addition to Google Adwords, I also run PPC campaigns on LinkedIn and Facebook.

I’d love to chat over e-mail or phone regarding your requirements.

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